Does Blogging Help With SEO? Here are 5 Ways It Does

does blogging help with seo

Does blogging help with SEO? The simple answer is yes. But having one is in itself not a ranking factor. It’s all about what you do with it. Having a blog that’s regularly updated with high-quality posts that appeal to a target audience, can help a great deal with your SEO efforts. Here’s why. 1.      Website is Kept Fresh…

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5 Online Marketing Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Invest In

kills required for digital marketing

It is easy to get intimidated by online marketing, especially if it is new to you. Even so, it is a convenient way of reaching out to your target audience and building a brand in a cost-effective way. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything you need to achieve especially when you’re short on resources and…

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5 Creative Ways to Appeal to Your Target Audience

how to reach your target audience

Converting your target audience into paying customers is no walk in the park. You can easily spend thousands of dollars before you can figure out how to get your customers to loosen their purse strings. Undoubtedly, this can be a frustrating process and may take a fresh set of eyes to help you crack the code. Here are some…

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8 Business Owner Tips for Getting Started on Twitter

create twitter business account

Getting started on Twitter can be somewhat scary. Here are some timely tips on how to create Twitter business account. 1.      Choose a Username When you get started on Twitter for business, you need to choose a username or handle, as it’s commonly referred to on Twitter. This is what the public uses to identify your business. There’s no…

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