5 Awesome Keyword Research Tips that’ll Put You Ahead of Your Competition

5 Awesome Keyword Research Tips that’ll Put You Ahead of Your Competition

When you enter the realm of the internet and websites and try to exploit it to gain business, there are certain parameters that demand keen attention. Ignoring the same can reflect on the performance of your online business. For website developers and content writers, it is essential to know that what keywords are necessary to generate traffic. To help you with keywords researches, The www.seotoronto.company provides the following keywords research tips so that you can enjoy the results you seek from your website.

Google AdWords: Keyword Planner


The foremost keywords research tip is to use a keyword planner tool. If you are looking for a reliable and free keyword tool, the Google AdWord is what you need. It has been used for almost every website which is evident by its popularity. One of the reasons why it is pretty famous amongst the website developers and content curators is that it is easy to use. Another reason behind its fame is that you get to use data from Google itself which is the most used search engine.

Know Your Visitors


Whatever business you are into, knowing your customers always helps. The same way, if you know the needs of your visitors on the internet, your website visiting people, you will be able to serve them better.  Analyze your products or services, and find out that which keywords suit your venture the best. Try to explore the keywords related to your business that are used the most. This way, you will be able to generate good content.

Related Keywords

business keywords

Another important tip is to analyze your keywords. Don’t just focus on the main keywords as they are certain to find a place on your website. Explore other related keywords as well that concern the domain of your business. Several associated keywords can be forged using the primary ones. All you have to do is analyze them carefully and place them at suitable places in the content.

Right Place for Keywords

keywordsPlacing the keywords in the right place is of utmost importance as it will improve the SEO performance of the website and rank it amongst the topmost results. Your keywords including phrases should be placed in the title of the content, meta description, first paragraph of the content, and throughout the content at right places. Don’t just put the keywords on the home page only. Every page on the website is an opportunity to generate traffic and revenue. Hence, place the keywords at all the places that the search engine aims at.

Notice Your Competitors


In every business, it pays to know the activities of your competitors. Similarly, when you are running a website for your business, you should know which keywords your competitors are using. You don’t have to strictly follow those keywords. You just need to focus on those that are related to your business. If you and your competitors are using the same keywords, use the keywords in your content at right places and include associated keywords as well to get the better of them.

The journey to the tips to enhance your keyword research is never-ending. The more we discuss, the more we explore. It is by only understanding the basic ones, and exploring some other necessary tips that you can gain an edge over your competitors.