6 Ways to Never Lose Your Car Keys

never lose your keys

Losing your keys is the last thing you want to happen when you are running your day to day errands. But it does. And when it does, it can turn an otherwise great day into an absolute nightmare. It will not only waste your time trying to get back into your home or car, but you’ll also have to spend money replacing the key. The good thing about car keys is the fact that you can actually take measure to avoid losing them. Here are some tips to ensure you never lose your keys.

1.      Invest in A Key Hook Or Tray

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It is important to have a permanent area for your keys. This is where you place your keys every day when you get home and the place you should expect your keys to be every morning. Ensure that the hook or tray is in an accessible place for easy retrieval. It can be on the kitchen counter or on the fridge or on your bedside stand. You only need to find a convenient location and create a habit of placing the keys there.

2.   Reminders

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If you operate on a tight schedule, it is very easy to forget some things, and the car keys are no exception. If you find that you always have to spend time looking for your keys, you should consider using sticky notes that serve as reminders. While this may seem silly, these reminders go a long way in saving time that would have been wasted trying to locate the keys.

3.     Key Chains

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These come in handy if you suffer from a serious case of forgetfulness. A keychain makes it possible for you to attach your car keys to your ID holder, wallet or the belt holes in your pants. This makes it easy for you to locate your keys and to ensure you do not lose them. Simply create a habit of attaching the keychain to the relevant item for easy retrieval.

4.      Technology

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You no longer have to depend on your memory to find your keys. There are modern ways of locating misplaced objects such as your car keys. You can invest in keyfinders. These are gadgets designed to locate misplaced car keys. These gadgets use transmitters that produce a sound which tells you where the keys are. They are operated via a controller.

5.      Make Spare Keys

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While it is ideal to try and much as possible to retain your original keys, it is equally important to have spares cut for emergency reasons.  Having a spare key or two for your car can go a long way in saving you time whenever you misplace your keys. With a spare key in your bag or wallet, you can always consider it as a go-to solution whenever you cannot locate your keys. Ensure that you return the spare key to its safe place once you find your original key.

6.      Contact A Locksmith

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While you might be determined to never lose your keys, it happens to the best of us. If you lose your car keys and do not have a spare key, you need to call in a locksmith near you immediately. This will  get the issue sorted as soon as possible and you will be able to use your car again.