Potty Training Questions to Ask an Expert at a Baby Show


A baby show gives you the unique opportunity to learn about all aspects of baby equipment, nutrition, and clothing. These events, usually held at a convention centre, can give you access to experts that can answer difficult baby and child raising questions. If you have a child entering the potty training years, it is a good idea to use a baby expo as a way to ask questions to give yourself a good idea of what to expect and how best to approach this childhood milestone.


Ask the expert when to start potty training. She should be able to tell you what signs and milestones to watch for that indicate your child is getting ready to use the potty. You may want to take a notebook to write down any advice that you want to remember later.

How and Why

There are numerous methods for potty training a child. Ask the expert which methods they recommend and why. If she has children, you may want to ask how she went about potty training her own child. Listen to the science behind the explanation. Some methods are more fact based than others, which doesn’t necessarily make them better. Keep in mind the practicality of the evidence that supports any advertised method.


Ask what you can do to prepare your child for potty training. Introducing the potty can be frightening for some children but proper preparation can take away some of the unknown elements. Also look for any books or resources they recommend for parent or child that can get you both ready to handle this important time of childhood.

Not Ready

It’s best to prepare for any contingencies. Sometimes parents start potty training only to find that their child just doesn’t get it. Consider what questions to ask if you’ve already unsuccessfully tried potty training. How should you go about reintroducing the potty?

Younger Siblings

Many children regress in their potty training when a sibling is born. If you are expecting a baby not long before or after you’ve potty trained bring up questions about how to handle regression. You want your child to be successful and they can do that with your help. If the expert is vague in her answers, ask for specific steps you can take to prepare for the event of a new baby.

Many parents look forward to potty training their children because of the freedom from diapers it provides. However, it can be a confusing and frustrating time for parents and children. By asking the expert at a babyshow your questions, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to head into potty training armed with a strategy and hopefully met with success.