Proper Menswear For Summer Parties

The ice is thawing and summer is arriving in full swing, leaving Canadian menswear fans packing away the heavy jackets and wool sweaters for something a bit more breezy. Another summer classic is the outdoor party, complete with tropical drinks and cool wind blowing through your hair. For a few tips on what to wear to please a crowd, keep reading below.


While most men’s suits are depicted as formal wear, with the right twist they can be worked into fun and festive summer outfits. Leave the worsted wool and heavy tweeds in the closet, we’ll be looking for a lighter cut and color this summer. An unlined, unstructured jacket will still give you a neat look with the sharp lapels, while the soft shoulders and minimal construction will cut down on weight and heat. A summer-weight fabric here is essential. Try a tan linen, or perhaps a light-weight wool blend. These will be more moisture-wicking and breezy, keeping you looking and feeling cool. However, we well have to ditch a few more “classic” rules of suiting to get these looks summer-ready.


With a few quick twists, those blazers and trousers will be ready for a great summer-evening ensemble. Forget about wearing a tie, and undo a few of those buttons on your linen shirt. Keep the colors simple, opting for white, tan, grey and other neutral colors. Trousers should be cropped, or rolled a bit for a clean break between the shoes and pants. This move will also keep things feeling breezy.Pair with some sockless loafers or other casual shoes to lighten the look. You can also consider a plain tee shirt under the jacket, again in a slim fit and neutral color. For added visual interest, consider tucking the tee shirt in. The clean lines and minimal color palette is always flattering.


If the party is a more casual affair, then your options for summer party attire are even more broad. Jeans are no longer relegated to lazy Sundays and lounging, and there are plenty of designer jeans in a stylish cut and color that you should consider. A light wash pair of jeans, paired with a loose white linen top and sandals is a cool look that transitions well between hot days and cooler evenings. Contemporary jeans are available in lighter weight fabrics, often incorporating elastane for added stretch and comfort. While a dark wash is classic, light wash has come back into vogue, as well as classic tight black denim. These looks should help you be the center of attention at your summer parties.